Citizen Action to Protect the Environment, Submission to HF Review

CAPE members are aware of the amount of wastewater that resulted from two vertically fracked wells and the challenges to finding a safe method for its disposal. Many have attended the public meetings with government officials in or near Kennetcook during the last 2-3 years. We have made a point of learning about fracking taking place in other areas, and several travelled to hear presentations by Dr. Tony Ingraffea and Jessica Ernst. We have become very concerned about numerous aspects of hydraulic fracturing and the serious consequences that could result if the present moratorium in NS were lifted.

Read the full submission here:

CAPE Submission


Members of CAPE believe that it is impossible to have healthy communities without a healthy environment. In “Trading Water for Fuel is Fracking Crazy”, David Suzuki maintains that hydraulic fracturing comes with serious environmental problems, problems from groundwater contamination to massive ecosystem and habitat disruption — even small earth tremors — all done in the name of short-term gain.

In order to protect the health and environment of future generations, we believe it is imperative that we heed his sage advice:

“In the short term, we must realize that we have better ways to create jobs and build the economy than holding an “everything must go” sale on our precious resources. In the longer term, we must rethink our outdated economic systems, which were devised for times when resources were plentiful and infrastructure was scarce. Our highest priorities must be the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil that provides food and the biodiversity that keeps us alive and healthy.”

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