NOFRAC Releases Long-Awaited Report

Out Of Control:

Nova Scotia’s Experience with Fracking for Shale Gas

Source: Chronicle Herald

On April 22 at 7pm, at the Kennetcook Fire Hall, NOFRAC released a report which follows the activities of Triangle Petroleum as their fracking exploration project proceeded from 2007 to the present.  Members of the steering committee of NOFRAC were joined by more than one hundred members of the Kennetcook, Noel and Hants County residents to learn about the contents of the report.  We want to thank the community for its hospitality in having us, and for their open and honest discussion of the report.

Read the report here.

Community members at the launch event

Out Of Control: Nova Scotia’s Experience for Fracking for Shale Gas was developed using thousands of pages of information obtained through the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, which were provided to NOFRAC from April 2011 to March 2013.  In 2007, Triangle Petroleum began approvals processes for drilling wells, withdrawing millions of litres of freshwater, using the new and contentious hydraulic fracturing method, and producing and storing millions of litres of wastewater.  The report documents what actually happened in Hants County, what the company did, what government regulators did, how decisions were made, and the lessons which can be learned.


“As approval was given after the produced water was stored within ponds that were intended for the storage of fresh water, Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) considers the initial design of the ponds did not take into account the storage of the high saline content production water,” NSE wrote to Triangle CEO Peter Hill in August 2011.(25) NSE granted short term, two-year permission for Triangle to use the ponds for wastewater in 2009, and a one year extension in 2011. However, most of the wastewater remains on site in the two ponds as of March 2013.”
Ken Summers welcoming everyone to the event
Ken Summers welcoming everyone to the event

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