Statement about Wastewater Ponds

Triangle Petroleum’s remaining waste water pond in Kennetcook, Nova Scotia

The wastewater ponds in Kennetcook are the result of fracking activities that started in 2007 during Triangle Petroleum’s exploration for natural gas. It is unfortunate that these ponds remain, and that they continue to cause problems for residents in this area. NOFRAC has found that wastewater is a very complex and difficult issue associated with fracking, and to our knowledge has no simple solution.  The wastewater ponds came to be and remain in Kennetcook because of insufficient consideration of the short-term and long-term impacts of fracking wastewater. We look forward to seeing progress toward meaningful consultation between the government and this community, to alleviate the problem of the wastewater ponds, and to discuss broader issues associated with fracking in Nova Scotia.

 We are very pleased that a community group in the Kennetcook area, East Hants Fracking Opposition Group, is actively visiting and monitoring the ponds.  Without this group’s efforts, the most recent leak from this pond may have gone unnoticed for days or even weeks, increasing the amount of contamination of their environment.  This is a real life example of how regulations in themselves do not avoid harm.

Although the upcoming community meetings hosted by the Department of Environment and Department of Energy are a means for residents and community groups to voice their concerns about the risks associated with these ponds, we strongly encourage the public to participate in the review of fracking by sharing their concerns about these ponds and about fracking in general, and hope that the panel will see that extending the provincial moratorium on fracking will prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

– NOFRAC Steering Committee

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