Steering This Ship Toward Success

Our coalition is almost 2 years old, and we have seen a lot of change over this time. We have grown from a working group of less than 10 to a membership of almost 100. We held over 20 members-only conference calls to talk about fracking and support new and existing community groups in Nova Scotia.


We hosted a regional conference featuring Dr. Tony Ingraffea and Jessica Ernst, more than 200 participants over two days. A dedicated team of members have spent more than a year writing a report on fracking that occurred in Hants County in 2007. Additionally, perhaps due to our hard work, we witnessed the launching of a provincial fracking review, a significant achievement despite its narrow scope. The structure of the coalition has changed recently too, with leadership now coming from a strong and dedicated steering committee.
The goal of the Nova Scotia Fracking Resource and Action Coalition is either to secure a 10 year moratorium, until sufficient information exists about the risks of this industry, or to achieve an outright ban on shale gas development including hydraulic fracturing altogether.  A strategy session is planned for January 2013 to discuss how we will achieve this goal, and we encourage  all members of NOFRAC to attend.

To join the coalition, email nofrac.web (at)  To provide a donation to help us continue our work, click on Donate Now in the right bar of this page.


The Steering Committee

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