Alicia Pettis, Submission to HF Review

Alicia Pettis and her family live and grow their own food in Upper Stewiacke.

Her full submission:

Dear Wheeler Review Panel,

I’m not a great enough writer to submit a long letter filled with anti-fracking articles for you to review. I’m sure that you have received plenty of those already, as there is a mountain of research facts out there showing how destructive fracking can be.

My husband & I moved to the Upper Stewiacke area in Nova Scotia just under 3 years ago. We left our well established professional careers to come to this area to pursue our dream of farming.  We operate a Permaculture based farm. We grow all of our produce without the use of herbicides or pesticides. There are 2 motivating factors for me wanting to do all of this;

1 – I lost my mother to cancer 5 years ago.  I believe that high cancer rates today are based on poor air quality, and poor food quality.

2 – Based on poor food quality found in grocery stores today, I wanted to take control of what is going into my body and be able to provide this option to other consumers.


So this brings me to the matter of fracking.  If the province of Nova Scotia does not continue it’s moratorium on fracking, or put a ban on it completely, I’m pretty sure companies like Forsent Energy will renew their lease and their exploration in Colchester County. Right up the road from me to be exact.


If that happens, sadly I will have to shut my farm operation down, sell my home and land, and leave.  I will not stay around to witness the imminent destruction. I refuse to stay and be poisoned.


I hope and pray that the Wheeler Review Panel will recommend that the province of Nova Scotia continue it’s Moratorium, or ban fracking.


Thank you for your time,

Alicia Pettis

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