Analysis of Parties’ Positions

The Nova Scotia Fracking Resource and Action Coalition today released an analysis of the four political parties’ positions on fracking and shale gas extraction.

NOFRAC calls for a 10-year legislated moratorium or a full ban on hydraulic fracturing. The coalition asked each party to answer the question:

“If your party controls the government, will your government extend the existing moratorium and legislate a 10-year moratorium on fracking? If not, what conditions would have to be satisfied before your party would consider lifting the present moratorium on fracking?”

All four parties responded, and NOFRAC has provided analysis of each of their positions.

NOFRAC Analysis of party responses to fracking questions

Full text party responses fracking question

Chart party positions

Issue NDP Liberals PC Green
Supports a 10-year moratorium or ban on hydraulic fracturing No response No response No response Yes+

Green Party does not support onshore gas production by drilling and hydraulic fracturing

Proposes process that could lead to a 10-year moratorium or ban Yes- independent review, evidence-led Yes –complete and independent scientific review No process proposed.


Not applicable
Recognizes need to consider wide range of issues before determining whether to lift present moratorium Independent review will look at social, economic, environmental and health impacts of hydraulic fracturing. Review should consider potential harm to resources, environment and the general public. -Issue of public safety

-Firm protection for groundwater

-Would not force on communities

Not applicable
Conditions required before lifting moratorium -Will not allow hydraulic fracturing in Nova Scotia unless Nova Scotians know that it will not harm the environment.

– No hydraulic fracturing while review is in process- estimated completion mid- 2014.

– Until such time as practice is properly investigated and a complete and independent scientific review is completed.

– Until we can definitively determine that fracking will not harm our resources, our environment or the general public in any way.


-Unless and until there are regulations that provide superior level of protection, including for groundwater.


-Must address valid local concerns, eg local geology.

Not applicable
Bonus points For recently recognizing limitations of internal government review process and establishing a new, independent, evidence-led review, with broader scope and open-ended outcomes. For supporting the need for an independent review since 2011.


For proposing a ban on the importation of fracking wastewater from other provinces.

For committing not to force local communities to accept fracking.


For unequivocally recognizing the risks of hydraulic fracturing for onshore gas and supporting a complete ban.

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