Ann Whalen, Submission to HF Review

Ann Whalen is a resident of Hants County and works in the agriculture industry.

Full Submission:

To Whom It May Concern,

On Apr 24/14 I attended a meeting at the Brooklyn Civic Centre in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia hosted by Rupert Janesh, president of the Hants County Federation of Agriculture with guest speaker Jennifer West from the Ecology Action Centre. The meeting was held to bring to light and discuss the issues of fracking in Nova Scotia and more importantly, Hants County.

I cannot say that I have a lot of knowledge regarding the risks and/or benefits of hydraulic fracturing. However, I can say that the presentation given by Jennifer has opened my eyes for the potential of destruction to our precious lands and drinking water now and for many years to come.

Short term gain for wealth and prosperity by the large oil companies doesn’t have any benefit for the local homeowner once they have destroyed the land for generations to come. How will the oil companies be held accountable when the wells are leaking methane or other proprietary chemicals, or the holding ponds have overflowed their banks from heavy rainfall or snow melt? This makes surrounding land unfit for agriculture not to mention the depreciation of land values in the immediate area.

I see this as potentially an environmental nightmare in Hants County. I feel that we, the public, need to be better educated on hydraulic fracturing so that we can make an informed opinion on the hazards of fracturing in this area. The risks far outweigh any benefits so I feel that we need a 10 year moratorium which would allow time to assess this issue further.

Not in my backyard, or anyone elses!

A concerned citizen,

Ann Whalen

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