Brenda Daniels, Submission to HF Review

Brenda Daniels is a concerned Nova Scotia Resident.

Her full submission:

Dear committee,

I am submitting the following comments with the hope that they will help
sway you towards recommending a ban on Fracking in Nova Scotia.

In a province surrounded by sea water, the fresh water available must be
diligently protected. As you look around the province now, there are
areas with difficulties in accessing fresh water. We should not risk
loosing any of our current fresh water supply either through
uncontrolled fractures which allow the leaching of chemicals into the
aquifers or through the after-fracking waste disposal. I am sure you
have received submissions talking about the water usage in the fracking
process, but just incase you are still not convinced of the damage that
could be done to this valuable resource of clean fresh water, please see
the study completed by titled: Hydraulic Fracturing & Water
Stress: Water Demand by the Numbers.

There is also the issue of climate change and it’s relation to fossil
fuels. As Nova Scotia led the country in waste management, we could also
strive to be one of the leaders in addressing climate change. Imagine a
province where every home is self powering and only hooked to the grid
to feed electricity back into it. We could build a high speed rail
system and stop maintaining and building roads. Imagine the disposable
income that would leave in the hands of Nova Scotians. Imagine the
employment that would be created.

It is time to leave the fossil fuel industry behind, protect what is
left for generations to come, and move forward to a brighter, cleaner
Brenda Daniels,
Concerned Nova Scotia resident

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