Charles Kennedy, Submission to HF Review

Charles Kennedy is a resident of Scotsburn Nova Scotia.

Read his submission here:

“Work together to find the best way forward”


“It would be a very tough sell to get someone to hire me to work on their house if they found that nineteen of thirty one recent projects of mine had major faults, like leaking roofs.  It is a safe bet none of you would let me into your house no matter how much experience I had had, and no matter how much I insisted those projects represented a departure from a much lower normal. It would be contrary to prudence to act otherwise.”

“I am not implying residential construction and O&G well drilling are mechanically comparable; fracking is of course much more difficult. What I am doing is making the point that failure is failure no matter where it occurs. A leaky pipe is a failed pipe. That BAPE and the O&G industry characterize leaking, sometimes called “flowing”,  as normal and/or acceptable is not realistic, any more than a leaking roof or pipe in your house can be realistically characterized as normal and/or acceptable.”

“If the risk of environmental degradation is as low as the industry declares it to be, those responsible for fracking today would  have no problem binding their progeny to clean it up for as long as that takes – a week or ad infinitum, as necessary. The deal would be this: all those found in future to have the DNA of those in charge of fracking today would be forced to spend their lives in working poverty cleaning up after their ancestor’s mess. “

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