Duncan Keppie, Submission to HF Review

Duncan Keppie is, quite simply, one of the most influential geologists of our time.  He was the first geoscientist to interpret the geology of Nova Scotia is terms of plate tectonics and one of the first to apply the principles of terrane analysis to the Appalachians, extrapolated this analysis to include the circum-Atlantic orogens and Mexico.  In total, his research has produced more than 250 published articles and more than 250 abstracts.

Read the full submission here:

Keppie Windsor-Kennetcook basin report


The WK subbasin may serve as an example for other subbasins in the Maritimes Basin.  However similar geological analyses are required based either on existing data or further exploration work including identification of potential shale units, joint and fault analyses, Total Organic Content, maturation levels, gas content, porosity, water saturation, seismic surveys and previous and new test drilling.  This report is restricted to the geology of the WK subbasin and it’s implications for shale gas. A solution is required for disposal of waste fracking water. Other issues, including environmental, groundwater contamination, agriculture, air pollution, and health, will also need to be addressed.

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