Ecology Action Centre, Submisson to HF Review

The Ecology Action Centre is pleased that the panel is inviting individuals, organizations and experts to contribute their knowledge, experience and information about fracking.  They considered it important to write a thorough report on all of the potential impacts of fracking no Nova Scotia, as our submission to this panel.  

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Read the full report here:

“Keep it in the Ground: The impacts of fracking in Nova Scotia”


Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is a relatively new technology in the oil and gas industry, with directional drilling technologies and proprietary slickwater mixtures only having bee

Ecology Action Centre Recommends: The EAC’s goal is to foster a society in Nova Scotia that respects and protects nature and provides environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for its citizens. Allowing fracking to proceed in Nova Scotia will not advance that goal. n incorporated into older techniques in the past 15 years.  Experience from other jurisdictions shows that fracking can have a range of environmental and socio-economic impacts.

We urge the Panel and the Government to place a 10-year moratorium on fracking in Nova Scotia.

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