Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia, Submission to HF Review

The Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia has submitted a detailed brief to the Nova Scotia Review of Hydraulic Fracturing, outlining concerns about health risks of the unconventional natural gas industry, including fracking.


ehansRead the full submission here:

“First, Do No Harm”



Because there now exist a number of excellent summaries of the health issues relating to hydraulic fracturing for unconventional gas, EHANS’ focus in this submission will not be to summarize all the evidence.

Summaries of the evidence and gaps in evidence relating to hydraulic fracturing and public health may be found in articles by Adgate et al (Environmental Science and Technology, 2014), Finkel and Hayes (Public Health), the position paper of the American Public Health Association (2012) and the report issued by Dr. Eilish Cleary, Chief Medical Officer of Health for New Brunswick (2013) among others.

Our approach in this submission is rather to:

  • Direct the review’s attention to particular science-based resources that we believe provide excellent overview summaries of potential health risks and impacts as well as studies of specific risks arising from hydraulic fracturing and unconventional natural gas development (UGD)
  • Sum up key points of consensus in the literature.
  • Highlight key issues and approaches that we believe this review should take into account in reviewing and making recommendations on high volume hydraulic fracturing in order to address protection of public health as well as worker health and safety.

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