Geoffrey May, Submission to HF Review

Geoffrey May is an active environmentalist and resident of Margaree Harbour, Cape Breton.

Read his full submission here:

Geoffrey May, Submission


“It simply isn’t possible for me to present all the known reasons that shale gas
industry should not be allowed in Nova Scotia, or anywhere else. In the past three years of
studying the issue, the evidence against shale gas has increased, and absolutely no
information has emerged in support of any of the industry’s claims. Reassuring cartoons, and
other fantasy evidence presented by industry have been shown time and again to be nothing
but misleading propaganda. Shale gas is not a bridge fuel to a low carbon future, but sabotage against clean non emitting energy development. Shale gas, in almost every regard is the polar opposite of what it’s proponents claim. Rather than the truth lying somewhere between what proponents and opponents claim , it is worse than it’s strongest critics know. Between whatever arbitrary cut off date your panel uses , and the time of your reports release , new information will be published on shale gas, and that new information will add to the existing catalogue of horrors released.”

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