Groundbreaking Decision on Wastewater!

Congratulations Colchester for stopping the release of fracking wastewater!

We applaud the Municipality of Colchester Municipal Sewer Use Appeal Committee for its decision not to allow the release of fracking wastewater through the Debert sewage system.

“This is a thorough and thoughtful decision,”  says Mark Tipperman, member of the NOFRAC Steering Committee. “We are especially pleased to see the committee recognize the importance of not proceeding without an understanding of ‘the long-term cumulative effects of repeated discharge of treated fracking wastewater into the Chiganois River and Bay of Fundy.’  The committee has based its decision on key points raised in appeals,  including the incomplete information provided about the chemicals which may be contained, the experimental nature of the process to remove radioactive elements and the lack of objective analysis about the impacts of this release.”

Read the full NOFRAC press release here.

Colchester Municipal Council stated that “In the end the Committee feels it is not the role of the Municipality to allow the Bay of Fundy to be a petri dish for fracking wastewater. Rather it is the Municipalitiy’s role to ensure the environment is protected now and in the future, and in that role it must exercise caution to act only when the information is complete.”

Read the full decision by the municipality here.


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