Joint Statement for a Continued Fracking Moratorium: Please sign on

Groups and organizations from across Nova Scotia and beyond are indicating support for a 10-year legislated moratorium on fracking by endorsing a Joint Statement. The Statement will be presented to Premier Steven MacNeil after release of the Final Report of the Wheeler Review of Hydraulic Fracturing. The Final Report is expected to be released in mid-August. The government has indicated that there will be a short comment period, and then they will make a decision, including whether to lift the present moratorium.

The government still seems to doubt that the vast majority of Nova Scotians do not want fracking. The joint statement is one more way to indicate that support for a continued moratorium is strong and widespread.  Groups and organizations, large and small, from all sectors are invited to add their voices to this statement.

Already, the Joint Statement for a Continued Fracking Moratorium has gathered the support of over 30 organizations, including the Anglican Dioscese of Nova Scotia and PEI, the Hants Federation of Agriculture, the Cape Breton Blacksmith’s Association, Nova Scotia Citizens Health Care Network, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Eastern Shore Forest Watch, and many more.

The statement also notes that without Mi’kmaq consent for hydraulic fracturing, which does not exist, the moratorium on fracking must continue.

Please add your organizations’ name to the Joint Statement.

Contact Jennifer West,

Read the statement

List of groups and organizations endorsing the statement


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