Kerri Anderson, Submission to HF Review

Kerri Anderson is a resident of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

Read his full submission here:

“Kerri Anderson, Submission”


I came to Nova Scotia because I enjoyed the natural world and I was seeking a place to make a living from the land (market gardening).  Although my life path has taken many twists since then and I do not make my living that way, let me assure you that I didn’t move here to come to fracking land and nor would I necessarily stay, with my young family, were this to go forward.  Nova Scotia is in a unique context, where we have had some experience of fracking prior to the current consultation.  Although one may wish to dismiss Triangle Petroleum’s disastrous dealings in Kennetcook as a one-time bungle, it is worth noting that there are parts of that experience that had nothing to do with an individual company and had to do with the lack of regulatory framework in which they operated—a framework which hasn’t been updated and in some sense CAN’T be updated to deal with hydraulic fracturing, in the aspects of water withdrawals and wastewater management.

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