Michael Jensen, Submission to HF Review

Michael Jensen is a farmer and resident of Scotsburn NS.  In his submission, he paints a picture of the future in the North Shore of Nova Scotia that is vivid and more than a little scary.

Read his full submission here:

Michael Jensen, Submission


“The North Shore should develop a “success plan” for the next decade, of course, but shale gas development should have no part of it.

The risks far outweigh the paltry and temporary rewards; the potential benefits are transitory and fraught with long-­term side effects; the infrastructural tensions are virtually insurmountable; the economic impacts are profoundly disruptive; the sociocultural stresses are probably catastrophic.

Having written and rewritten this multiple times (and edited out a great deal of 
detail), I’m even more convinced that the fracking conflict embodies an inflection 
point – a “Y” in the road –which will determine the future of the region.”

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