Nova Scotia Fracking Review Extended

As NOFRAC grows, we will provide posts from coalition members across the province which address local issues, or which comment on activity in other jurisdictions.

Noel River, Hants County, NS

This week, the Nova Scotia government announced that the review of hydraulic fracturing will be extended by two years, to 2014.  This is great news, as it is accompanied by a promise to suspend shale gas permits until that time.  We also hope that the scope of the review is expanded to include  important aspects that were noted by the public, outlined in the government’s What We Heard document which summarized public comments on the scope of the review.  Some of these issues include impacts on:

  • Communities and human health;
  • Forests and flora and fauna;
  • Agriculture;
  • Cost-benefit to society and to the economy;
  • Transportation infrastructure;
  • Tourism; and
  • Fish and fisheries.

The coalition is still working hard to spread knowledge and understanding of these issues, and is targeting MLAs which cover these issues in their portfolios or who live in areas where fracking might occur.  It is shocking that some still have  limited understanding of what fracking is, and the negative effects associated with it.  During this extended review period, let us continue our work knowing that no fracking will be allowed in Nova Scotia until 2014.

Jennifer West, chair of NOFRAC

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