Stellarton – Coalbed Methane

The following documents were obtained through a freedom of information and protection of privacy application through the Nova Scotia Departments of Energy, Natural Resources and Environment.

1. Nova Scotia Environment Approval, 2014

2. Nova Scotia Environment Renewal, 2014

3. Nova Scotia Environment Approval, 2012

4. Nova Scotia Environment Approval, 2012 (additional documents)

5. Consultation information (emails) and Environmental Monitoring Program

6. Environmental Protection Agency, Guidance Document on Toxicity

7. Supporting Documents, 2012

8. Appendices (noise, air, disposal)

9. Appendix (Background soil samples)

10. Appendix, Canadian Council of the Ministers of Environment (CCME) soil and water guidelines

11. Land agreement

12. Joint Stocks Information

13. Infrastructure Plan

14. Soil and Water Samples

15. Geotechnical Report

16. Sediment and Erosion Control Plan

17. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (part 2)

18. Reverse Osmosis Treatment System

19. Development Plan

20. Flaring and Emails

21. Sample Results

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