Ravi Ravindra, Submission to HF Review

Ravi Ravindra is a resident and concerned citizen of Nova Scotia.

Full Submission:

Dear Fracking Review Committee,

I would like to add my voice to what my partner already wrote to you regarding the pleas to impose a moratorium on tracking in Nova Scotia and in Canada as well as in other parts of the globe. We have discovered that we have damaged the ecology of the planet by using technological advances for short term gain, often for the profit of a few. We need to proceed with more caution about the consequences of our actions. The concerns for the water quality, the stability of the earth, and the pollution of the land are immediate. We do not know of the longer term consequences of fracking.

We need to promote the research into and the implementation of renewable energy resources through the sun and the wind and water power. This would enhance the long term employment opportunities far more than the short term employment of drilling and transporting of chemicals to inject into the ground.

We are all stakeholders in this. Our children and our grandchildren will be affected by our decisions.

Ravi Ravindra

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