Tools You Can Use

Here you can find a number of tools you can use from pamphlets and information sheets to posters and lawn signs.

The Sierra Club Atlantic’s pamphlet explains what hydraulic fracturing is, what the dangers are to our water, air, health and overall environment and what you can do to help:

Sierra Club Pamphlet: Natural Gas at What Cost?

The Sierra Club Atlantic’s Report on on Hydraulic Fracturing from August 2011 outlines the Risks of hydrofracking as well as the current state of each of the Atlantic Provinces:

Sierra Club Hydrofrac Report

The North Shore Fracking Brochure raises risks associated with gas exploration in the North Shore specifically:

North Shore Brochure on Fracking

The Ecology Action Centre’s own pamphlet on Hydraulic Fracturing in Nova Scotia, with contact information for the EAC, Sierra Club Atlantic, and Council of Canadians:

Fracking in Nova Scotia – Pamphlet

A fact sheet produced by the Council of Canadians about the risks of Hydraulic Fracturing:

Fracking Factsheet

We encourage you to download and display this poster that is designed like a parking sign and reads “No Fracking Zone” to show your support:

No Fracking Zone Poster

This and other lawn signs are available for $4.00 by contacting Cicely Berglund at

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