Reviewing the “Super-Arching Questions” of the Hydraulic Fracturing Review

The Nova Scotia Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel recent determined several “super-arching” questions that will be guiding their work. (See, Minutes of Feb 12, Section 6)

NOFRAC is concerned that these guiding questions will lead to a narrowing of the review focus, in contradiction to the stated aims of the review. NOFRAC set out our concerns in a letter to the review panel on March 29, 2014.

From the letter:

“We are very concerned that the Questions as stated in the February minutes will significantly narrow the scope of the review and thus the conclusions and recommendations.

Our concerns focus on two main points.


  1. How the phrase “this technology” is interpreted, and whether it captures the full impacts of hydraulic fracturing the review is mandated to evaluate.
  2. Similarly, whether the term “safety” is intended to and can capture the full impacts of hydraulic fracturing the review is mandated to evaluate.

We note that the minutes recognize that an important question relating to climate change is not captured in the Questions framed in the minutes. We believe that the Questions as presently defined may similarly not capture the full range of potential socio-economic, health and environmental risks the review is mandated to consider.”


Read the full letter here.


If you share these concerns, you may want to let the review panel know your views, by email,, or by including your thoughts on the super-arching question when you make your submission to the review.

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