SpeakOut! Against Fracking in Nova Scotia: Video from March 16, 2014, Tatamagouche

North Shore SpeakOut! Against Fracking presentations
On March 16, 2014, several citizens of the North Shore of Nova Scotia who were preparing submissions to the ‘Wheeler Commission’ investigating the impacts of fracking in their area, came together to present their findings.See below for highlights, and individual presentations. For the YouTube Playlist, see here; otherwise use the below listing to view the highlights reel and the individual presentations. These are presentations worth listening to.
Highlights and Selections
About one minute from each speaker.
#1 of 9: Trudy Watts (Intro) and Yuill Herbert (Natural Gas: Bridge or Gangplank?).
#2 of 9: David Boyle (Microbial Uncertainties).

#3 of 9: Brian Gaulke (Radioactivity and Nova Scotia)
#4 of 9: Wendy Johnston (Intersection with Transition Principles)
#5 of 9: Barb Harris (Health Impacts of Fracking Industrialization)
#6 of 9: Mary Corbett cnd (The interconnectedness of all life)
#7 of 9: Lennart Krogoll (Dorje Denma Ling Shambhala Centre)
#8 of 9: Barb Harris (The Evidence of Missing Evidence)
#9 of 9: Wilf Bean (Impact of Fracking Truck Traffic on Rural Roads)

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