The Economics of Fracking: The uncut material of Dr. Michael Bradfield

Dr. Michael Bradfield is an economist who served on the Nova Scotia Independent Review of Hydraulic Fracturing. Yet his name does not appear on any of the chapters in the Hydraulic Fracturing Review Final report.

At a public talk at Thinker’s Lodge in Pugwash, audience members asked Dr. Bradfield why he had not authored a chapter of the Review’s Final Report. Bradfield explained that the material he had submitted for the report had not been acceptable to some panel members, and was either heavily edited or not included in the introductory or the summary and conclusions chapters for which they were intended.

NOFRAC requested and received permission from Dr. Bradfield to make his unpublished material available to the public.

The Economic, Social and Environmental Issues of Hydraulic Fracturing by Dr. Michael Bradfield was prepared by Dr. Bradfield in May 2014 to provide an economic background for the Review report, to be part of the introductory chapter.

This report was prepared to outline economic issues in Nova Scotia for the introductory chapter of the report, and to provide an economic summary for the concluding chapter. The paper was circulated to the other panel members in July 2014.

Dr. Bradfield is an internationally cited economist who taught at Dalhousie University for 39 years. His specialty is Regional Economics. His many articles cover a range of topics including foreign investment and Canada’s energy policies.

Bradfield has prepared briefs for civil society groups on issues relating to energy, social justice, and the environment for Royal Commissions and all levels of government including the National Energy Board, the Ontario Energy Board and the House of Commons.

Bradfield The Economic, Social and Environmental Issues of Hydraulic Fracturing May 2014

Bradfield The Economic Context of HF in NS

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