Thom Oommen, Submission to HF Review

Thom Oommen is an agciltural landowner, and concerned father living in Cape Breton.

Read his full submission here:

“Thom Oommen, submission”


“I’m writing today with my comments for your review panel. Generally my comments revolve around the world my 2 year old son will grow up in. I’m sure than many parents also share my concerns. For the record, I am opposed to the further use of hydraulic fracturing in Nova Scotia.”

“I’m skeptical that we have any desire to abandon coal and other dirty forms of energy in favour of natural gas under a scenario where we embrace hydraulic fracturing. Instead we are likely to just use hydraulic fracturing to bring online new sources of energy and lower prices for consumers of energy without phasing out other forms of energy.”

“My final issue with HF involves mental health. I’m not talking about the brain damage caused by many of the chemicals used in HF but rather the stress and strain on a community, on a family caused by worry. HF has the potential to divide communities between those who support and oppose its use. In rural areas where we rely on relationships to live together this can be poisonous.”

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