Visit Beautiful Nova Scotia (please ignore our wasteponds)

Can you imagine Nova Scotia having the title of “Home of Atlantic Canada’s Fracking Wastewater”?  This could soon be our reality.

Wanna go for a swim  06 Oct 2012
Wastewater pond in Kennetcook, 2012

The Municipality of Colchester County is currently reviewing appeals to their decision to allow fracking wastewater to be processed through their municipal sewage system and then released into the environment.  There are three main reasons why this is unwise:

  • There are a number of more hazardous chemical compounds, none of which have been tested for, which Triangle Petroleum reported to Nova Scotia Environment were used in the hydraulic fracturing fluids, but did not test for in analysis of the hydraulic fracturing wastes.
  • Where hydraulic fracturing fluids are concerned, the County does not have the resources or the expertise to adequately protect the health and welfare of its citizens, nor other downstream communities, nor the integrity of the rich estuaries of the Cobequid Bay it discharges into, and which directly affects many people such as myself who live outside the County of Colchester.
  • The County needs to secure competent and independent expert advice for comprehensive recommendations of testing protocols, the expense borne by the applicant for discharge.

If the municipality allows this waste to be processed and released, it will force municipalities to be responsible for wastewater from Nova Scotia, but also from New Brunswick and Newfoundland.  Is this what we want?

The opportunity to submit an appeal is now closed and the sewer subcommittee will now review the many appeals submitted on this issue.  Consider calling the chair of the committee at the Municipality and expressing your concern about this issue.  Tom Taggart can be reached at 902-647-2025, or by email at  councillordistrict10 @

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